Friday, October 23rd, 2015

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Your Excellency


And all my loving ladies and gentlemen


In this golden opportunity I wanna ask you “Do you know science?

What about religion, do you also know it?

And then do we need both of science and religion in our life?

All right. To day I’m going to deliver my speech about

“The importance of Science and Religion”

but…first of all, let’s thank to Allah SWT who gives us his blessing so we meet together here in very good situation and condition.

Secondly May sholawat and salam always be presented to our prophet Muhammad SAW who guides us to the truth.

I don’t forget to thank to the MC for this good chance to speech before the audience…

My brothers and sisters

Basically all people live in this world need science and religion to support their life to live happily.

My brothers

Science is actually knowledge that we get from school, reading books, newspaper, computer, internet, sharing with other people and many others like mathematic, biology, chemistry, physic, social, history, geography etc. while ladies and gentlemen religion is fundament of education that must be learnt and done by every people. With religion, people will find happiness and satisfaction living in this world and hereafter.



Ladies and Gentlemen

“Wise word” said that “life is a choice” it’s right, isn’t it? But we must understand that looking for science and religion is not choice. But it is obligation.


My loving brothers

100% we must realize that now we live in modern and technology era where so many things are complicated and need to be learnt if we do not want left behind from others. We must always look for science to avoid stupidity. Our God Allah SWT really dislikes with stupid people who do not want to do better and better things in this life. That’s why we must look for science in order to make progress and develop our country Indonesia.


My brothers and Sisters

Beside learning science, we must also learn “Religion”, and this one is the most important subject that people must learn before the others. This cannot be ignored because every people need a guide to lead them to be good people and what is it ladies and gentlemen? Yes right. It’s religion.


My loving audience blessed by Allah so it’s very important to study and practice both science and religion.

Our life will have no meaning without science and religion. Wise word said “science without religion is blind and religion without science is lame”. It is like stated in al hadist


My brothers and sisters

That’s all what I can say today about the importance of science and religion. I do hope all AEC students learn both of them seriously. Do you agree with me? And if I have mistake in my speech I do you big apologize. Before I close my speech, I wanna sing for you all.

(Lagu 11 Januari, “Gigi”)

If we want to be clever, we must look for science

If we want to get happy, we are obliged looking for religion.


Do you like my song? I hope so. Well the last I can say…


Materi Meeting “EDUCATION”


Your Excellency


And all my loving brothers and sisters

Ladies and Gentlemen


In this good opportunity I wanna ask you

Do you need education?

And why is education important for this life?

Alright audience.

Today I’m going to deliver my speech on the subject of


Before it…

Let’s together thanks to Allah SWT our wonderful God who gives us power so that we can still look for knowledge everywhere.


Sholawat and salam always be presented to our Prophet Muhammad SAW the last Messenger of Allah.


I also thank to the MC who gives me chance to speak before the audience.


My brother and sisters….

As we know that life is always changes together with the development of technology. And today we are in modern era in which every thing is really different with the past.


Knowing the fact ladies and gentlemen, of course we need a tool to make people become clever, know and understand, what is it my loving audience? Right…it is education.


Ladies and Gentlemen

Education is very important in our life. Primarily education that we get from parents are called non formal education. It is actually the basic of education because we learn moral and socialization from parents. So parents play important role in this education.


My loving brothers and sister. To make people become clever, know and understand about science, social, language, art, culture, mathematic, accounting and many other knowledge, they must attend to school to get formal education. It is obligation for every people to get this education. In our country, Indonesia , there are basic level education, it is for kindergarten, elementary school and SMP, then middle level education is SMA. The last is high level education is for university or academic.


Ladies and Gentlemen

To get more knowledge and skill to make people cleverer, they may attend to course like computer course, English course like our beloved course AEC, sewing course, and many others. We call this one is non formal education. What about you? Do you also take non formal education?

My brothers and sisters Ladies and Gentlemen

Now I wanna ask you, have you take 3 education I mention above?

I hope so, because we must realize that it is obligation for every Moslem to look for knowledge. It is like stated in Al Hadist


My brother and sisters

If we have a lot of knowledge, we will be clever, we will not be easy to be cheated by other people. And other people will not underestimate us. Besides, we will become success person. Then as a result of course, my brothers and sisters, Indonesia will not be left behind from other countries and Indonesia will become progress and great country for the future.

So do you want to get good education.


My brothers and Sisters

That’s all what I can say today about education. I do hope all Indonesia people always want to study to get success for the future. I do your big apologize if I have mistake. The last I say


Materi Meeting “TELEVISION”


Your Excellency


And all my loving brothers and sisters

Ladies and Gentlemen:


In this golden chance I wanna ask you

“Do you know television?”

I’m sure all people know what television is

Well today I’m going to talk about television. But before it, let’s thank to Allah SWT who gives us great blessing so we can gather here to follow meeting in Al Fattah English Course.


Then Sholawat and Salam always be presented to our Prophet Muhammad SAW the Last Messenger of Allah. I also want to thank to the MC who gives me time to speak before the audience.


My brothers, sister Ladies and Gentlemen

“Television” that’s what I want to speak about…… audio visual electronic media that can be enjoyed by every people. When we watch television, I’m sure we enjoy it happily, annoyed, sadly and some other feeling, is it right audience?

Recently, we can see. There are a lot of television stations offer so many varieties programs. Of course it also gives effect in our life, good as well as bad effect.


Ladies and Gentlemen

Do you know the good effect of watching television alright.

The first is by watching TV we can get a lot of information, current news, and knowledge.

The second my loving audience

We can also take example of how to give opinion, how to debate, how to make decision, how to perform in front of public and many others.

The third good effect ladies and gentlemen we also get entertainment and fun. We are fun when the program can refresh our mind like jokes, songs, funny quiz, adventures etc


My brothers and sisters

What about the bad impact of watching TV?

The first is that we are often lazy to do other things. We just want to know how the next story is. This happen the program is like sinetron, series film or others. The second my loving audience. People tend to follow and take example from what they watch especially students like fighting, arguing, dating, kissing, little porn action and many others.

For the third Ladies and Gentlemen

By watching television too much can destroy our eyes and it is also waste of our useful time that actually can be used to do other positive activities.

My brothers and sisters

So, what should to do to avoid the bad effect of watching television? Alright.

First, parents must be able to guide and control their children in choosing suitable program for them.

Secondly, the television stations must also take part in selecting the programs broadcasting on television.

The third, our government has important role in giving certain rule in broadcasting the program. There should be certain foundation to control the station.


Ladies and Gentlemen

I have tried to explain about television as young generation we must be clever to choose good programs on TV that can help us to be good person. It’s like my song “Lagu ST 12 Terakhir


When we are watching television

We must be clever to select

Good program for our family

Coz not all programs giving

Good example….


That’s all what I can deliver today.

I do your big apologize if I have mistake and the last I say…..






Your Excellency….

Honorable …..

My loving brothers and sister, Ladies and Gentlemen


Before I deliver my beautiful speech I wanna ask you

“Do you speak English?”


“Why do you study English?”


What about this question

“Do you like studying English in AEC?

Of course we do.


Okay audience today I wanna talk about “The importance of English” but firstly let’s thank to Allah SWT who gives us knowledge so, we can be clever people.


May sholawat and salam always be presented to our great Prophet Muhammad SAW who guides us to the truth.


I don’t forget to thank to the MC who gives me chance to speak before the audience.


My loving brothers and sisters ladies and gentlemen.

We know that English is an international language unites all people around the world. If we want to go abroad in America, Singapore, Australia, Europe, England, Arabic or anywhere, one thing that we must have beside “Money” and “passport” is the activity in speaking English to communication with the people from the country. English yes English.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

We can find English almost everywhere at banks, school, harbor, airports, tourism resorts and many other places around us. English is, my loving audience, not only a subject that must we learnt. To get good score in test, or final examination or UNAS but English is also necessity for us. So many people still think that English is not very important. But my brothers and sister let’s be wise. We have to open our mind and realize that we live in globalization era. There are a lot of technologies in our life like computer, hand phone, television, internet, high tech machine and the other sophisticated technologies are settled by using English.


Ladies and Gentlemen

If we want to use them of course we must understand the language, right? English is also a skill to improve our self to help us to find a job easier. Because the ability of English makes us have a “plus skill”

Then my brothers and sisters to improve this beautiful country “Indonesia” better and better, we need “self discipline,” Large countries, good behaviors and the ability in globalization and one of the ways to walk in globalization is “the ability in globalization is the ability to speak English. Can you imagine what will happen if the people of this country can’t speak English?

Wow…..of course we can’t communicate, cooperate with other countries. We will be left behind from others. That’s why ladies and gentlemen. We must start from ourselves to study. English harder than before.

Do not just keep silent. Let’s move, let’s improve ourselves. Let’s study and practice our English in order to be good generation for future. Do you agree with me, audience?



Ladies and Gentlemen

That’s all what I can say today. I do hope all AEC students always practice English everywhere, everywhere like my song “ (Lagu hijau daun: Suara)

English is very important

We must learn and practice it

We need to be able to speak English

For the sake of our country………Indonesia”


Please forgive me if I have mistakes. Don’t forget to invite our friends to study in our beloved course “AEC”

The last I say…..



Materi Meeting “GLOBAL WARMING”



Your Excellency

And all my beautiful and handsome audience

First of all, let’s thank to Allah SWT who always protect and save us from danger so we still can breath and see this beautiful world.


Secondly may sholawat and salam always be presented to our prophet Muhammad SAW who guide us to the truth.


I also thank to the MC who gives me chance to speak before the audience about



Ladies and Gentlemen ;

“Ladies and Gentlemen” I’m sure almost everybody knows about global warming, don’t they?

Global warming happens because of human doing.

We know that pollutions happen everywhere. They spread emission gas called carbon and carbon dioxide and of course my brother and sister. It can increase the temperature of earth. Year by year it collects not only in atmosphere but also in our environment. And the result wow…of course. It can make temperature becomes hot.


Because of this ladies and gentlemen;

The ice in north pole melts and increases the volume of sea water. Ouch….

It is very dangerous if sea water increase and increase



My brothers and sisters blessed by Allah

First is flood will happen everywhere

Second the change of weather can’t be predicted. Of course it can influence the crops of farming. In this case people will be difficult to get foods and good nutrition. It is right ladies and gentlemen.

The third is the increase of disease like dysentery, malaria and many others. Because at high temperature the insects can grow well.

Wow…it’s very frightening, isn’t it?


So my loving audience

What should we do now?

Well, the first is “we must do reforestation”. At least we plant tree around our houses, schools and village. Then do not try to cut the trees. Because the trees are the observer of carbon dioxide. The second my brothers and sisters, we must reduce using motor, vehicles and limit factories. And the third is ladies and gentlemen, the government must also pay attention to some factories by giving certain rule to reduce the waste of pollution from industries


Ladies and gentlemen;

Anyhow, as human life we must try to be good people in this life. Allah says in Al-qur’an.


Ladies and Gentlemen

That what I can say about global warming. I do hope we can together stop global warming. Do not make our world become hot again like my song.

“Our world now is hot, so hot, very hot so do not make it hotter hotter hotter….let’s safe our world from global warming. Don’t’ destroy this earth. (lagunya Gigi panas 2x)

Remember my beautiful song

And the last I say




Your Excellency


And all my loving brothers and sisters in Islam


I wanna ask you

“Do you love your parents?”

What about your parents?

“Do they love you”

In this evening I’m going to talk about “The Obligation of Children to Their Parents”

Do you want to hear it?

Before it.

Let’s thank to Allah SWT who gives us health so we can meet together in this lovely meeting sholawat and salam always be presented to our Prophet Muhammad SAW the last Messenger of Allah.


I also say “Thanks so much” for the MC who gives me opportunity to speak before the audience…


My brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen

What is the meaning of obligation?


Obligation is something that must be done by everyone. They will get sin if they don’t do it.

Here I wanna talk about what must children do to their parents



My brothers and sisters

We know that parents really have great role in our life. Father earns much money to support the family. It is for daily need, school fee, course, tax, telephone, pulse, clothes and many others.

Fathers work hard to get the money. They do it because they love family so much, working from morning until afternoon. Something until night. Is it right my friend?

While mothers, my loving audience. They also have great role. They bear babies, take care, educate the children, do a lot of house works and many others. They do love their children. It seems that mothers love their children more than themselves. My brothers I think it is so difficult to describe how great our parents sacrifice to their children.

Is it true audience?


Well…knowing the fact ladies and Gentlemen

We must really realize that we must obey and respect our parent. We may not forget their sacrifice to use. We must understand that Allah SWT ask us to be kind to our parents. It is like this Surah.




The Surah shows us that we must believe well to our parents. We must know that it’s impossible for children to do the same thing like. What parents do to us. They really rake of us well.


My loving audience

Let’s hope and pray that we will never become lazy, naughty, cruel children to our parents forever.

Let’s hope and pray we will become good children to our parents.

Do you agree with me?

It is like my song

(Lagu disini senang disana senang)


How are you father

How are you mother

I always hope that god will bless you

I love you father

I love you mother

I always need you forever

La la la I love father

La la la I love mother

La la la I need father and also mother 2x

Materi Meeting “LOVE”



Your Excellency…..

My loving brothers and sisters

Ladies and Gentlemen:.


Well audience “do you love me” or “do I love you?


Wow.. it’s interesting question, isn’t it?

Okay, today I would like to talk about “LOVE”

But before it.

Let’s thank to Allah SWT who always love us, so that we also have “love” to others.


Sholawat and salam always be presented to our Prophet Muhammad SAW the Last Messenger of Allah.

I don’t forget to thank to beautiful/handsome MC who gives me chance to speak before the audience.

My loving audience.

Do you know what is the meaning of love? So many people know what love is but may be just a few people understand about “love”. Is it right, audience? Al Hadist said.


It means that we must love others if we want to be loved by others.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Love is actually the fundamental of our everyday life. Our activities are colored with love. It means that all we do in our life must be based on love. Because without love, we will argue, fight and do other bad things forbidden by our religion. Besides with love, we are motivated to do a lot of things like : praying, it is our love to Allah, studying-it is our love to our future, doing what our parents ask it is our love to our parents, paying attention to our friends-it is our love to our friend, respecting our teachers-it is our love to our teachers and there are still many other things that should be done with “love”.


My loving brothers and sisters

I wanna ask you, do you have boyfriend or girlfriend that you love much?


“Love” in this case is may be different, why?

Because this love has different feeling with others.

This feeling can make use happy and sad as well…this love really has great power that can make us nervous, trembling, anxious, delight when we meet someone we love. Is it true my friends?


And my loving audience

We must be careful if it comes to us. May be it is not but it is just the feeling of “like” or “admire”. If so, we are actually trapped in “puppy love”.

So my friends, We must be really careful if we fall in love. What about you? Did you ever fall in love?


I do hope to you all

It’s better as good students and young generations that we must study hard and look for a lot of knowledge for our future first than thinking about “love”.


Do you agree with me my friends? So that our parents are proud of us and we will be useful person for others.

That’s all what I can say today. Please forgive me I f I have mistakes. Before it, I will give my beautiful song.



Lagunya Opick “Bersyukur”

Reff. Alhamdulillah


We are still young

We may not be dating

If we date

We will forget study


It is nice song, isn’t it?

The last I say





Your Excellency Mr. Imam Purnomo as the Director of AEC.

Honorable Mrs. Farida as the Instructor of AEC.

Respectable all assistants and teacher of AEC and all my loving brothers and sisters.


Firstly, let’s thank to Allah SWT who always protect us so we can meet together here in AEC our beloved course without any troubles and obstacles.


Sholawat and salam always be presented to our prophet Muhammad SAW who guides us to the truth.


Well, ladies and gentlemen

In this good opportunity I would like to talk about “How to Improve Your English”

Before it, I want to ask you.

Do you like English? Alright, what about your English, can you speak English fluently?

I hope so…

My brothers and sisters,

Learning English is easy but also difficult. How could it be?

It is easy if we really want to master English by studying hard, practicing our English, and also taking course like in AEC Al Fattah English Course.


But my loving audience

English is also difficult when we want to be clever in English, but we are lazy to do a lot of things that can support in mastering English. Is it right audience?

Well ladies and gentlemen my brothers and sisters

Due to mastering English I have some ways that can help you to be clever in English. Do you want to listen? Alright.

First, ladies and gentlemen

Read as much as possible any reading material books, magazines or newspaper like : Hello or Jakarta Post. This is done to improve your vocabulary and also deepen your understanding.


And the second my brothers and sisters. Try to speak English with your friends, your English teachers, your father, mother, your family or anyone suppose good at English. If you meet with tourists you can try to make conversation with them to practice your English.


May loving audience, the third way to improve English is “write something in English”. You can start by writing your daily life. You can also write letters or my be send SMS because now is modern era. Do you send SMS in English? That’s good. I hope so.


For the fourth way is watch TV or listen to the radio program broadcasting in English. You can also learn. English through singing like this song

“Every time in my dream

I see you I feel you

That is how I know you go on…

(bisa diganti dengan lagu Inggris lain)

Those ways are really able to help you in mastering English. Then I will ask you will you improve your English?


Well brothers and sisters, I have explained about some ways to improve our English.

I do hope after this we really want to improve our English with the ways. Please forgive me if I have mistake.

And the last I say





Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen.

How are you today?

I do hope Allah will always lead us to the right way so we can avoid doing big mistakes.


Well audience, our debate today will talk about “…………………….motion”. Do you understand with the motion that “……………..” ?

Do you agree?


Okay now, we will listen from our friends argumentation about it. But, before it, I would like to give chance to affirmative and negative team to introduce the speakers first.

To affirmative team please…….





We are from affirmative team. Let me introduce myself. My name is…………. This is the second speaker ……………and she/she the third speaker………..

Thank you.



Chair person    : thanks for little introduction from affirmative team. Now is negative team turn. To negative team please.


Negative team : (Same with affirmative team way)


Chair person    : Two teams have introduce their speakers. Now we will pay attention to each speakers. To affirmative and negative team please.

(Two teams give their argumentation)


Chair person

Each team has given their argumentation. Now, I give you 1 minute to give reply. To affirmative and negative team please


Well audience, that’s all the performance of English debate today.


Please shake hand…

Alright and as chair person if I have mistake I do hope your big apologize and the last I say…



Honorable, Mr. Imam as the……of….

Your Excellency, Mrs. as the teacher of …..

Respectable all assistants of AEC and all my loving brother and sisters


First of all, let’s thank to Allah SWT who always blesses all of us so we can meet together here in our beloved program “MEETING” in Al-Fattah English Course.

Secondly, Sholawat and Salam always be presented to our great Prophet Muhammad SAW who always guides us to the truth.

And I don’t forget to thank to all audience my beautiful and handsome friends of AEC who come to join in our regular meeting.

How are you today audience?

I/we do hope Allah will always give us health so we can attend in AEC for looking for knowledge especially in English. Do you agree with me my friends?

And of course I/we hope for the students who get duties especially for the speakers are ready today so you can give your best performance, okay?

My loving brother and sisters

Talking about English we/I want to ask you,

Do you like English?

Of course….you do. That’s why we study English here in our beloved course AEC Al Fattah English Course. Is it right my friends?

And let’s study hard and seriously. Let’s practice our English and let’s pray to Allah in order that we can be clever by studying in our beloved course AEC…

Will you do it my friends? Thank you.

Okay now we will read the program/agenda of our meeting today.

–          The first program is opening

–          It will be continued by reading Holy Qur’an

–          For the third program is singing MARS AEC TOGETHER

–          And “Speech Presentation” will be in the forth agenda

Ladies and gentlemen

After speech presentation our friends will entertain us with singing

And our friends will give their different argumentation in “English Debate” that will be in the sixth program.

For the seventh program is “CORRECTING OF OUR MEETING” and our meeting will be closed by praying.


Wow…we have a lot of programs today and before we continue to the next program, let’s open by reading Surah Al Fatihah may our meeting run well.

“Bi ridhoilahi Alfatihah….

Thank you very much.

May Allah accept our praying. Amin3x. Ya robbal alamin.


Well ladies and gentlemen

Let’s continue our program namely reading Holy QUr’an that will be read by our friend name…..


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome …………give your big hand.


Thank you so much for the best performance. May Allah bless all of us. Amin 3x. Ya robbal alamin.


Well my loving audience, let’s continue to the next program. What is it?

That’s right “Singing Mars AEC”. Well, let’s sing this song together with me/us, okay?



One …. Two…..three…..



Wow thanks for your beautiful voice singing beautiful song “MARS AEC”. Give your big hand for all AEC students….

It’s so great, isn’t it? Well it’s time to the forth program.

“Speech presentation” and for this program we would like to call the speakers one by one to present their speech….

Okay…for the first speech will be presented by…….

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome …….

Give your big hand…



Wow…you really give good performance today. I’m sure that you have prepared it before. Is it right?


Well my loving brothers and sisters, let’s continue to the second speech that will be presented by “……..”from group “………”

Please welcome “……………”

Give your big hand



He..he.. what’s up with you? Why do you give bad performance? Why don’t you memorize the text?

You must memorize it you know. So that you can give good performance to the audience…

Do you agree with me my friends…

Next time don’t repeat again, okay?


Well ladies and gentlemen, are you tired? Don’t be tired….we must always have good spirit to do so many positive activities like today because we are still young we need to study to get success….

Do you agree with me?


Okay now, we continue to the next speech that will be presented by ……………

My loving brothers and sisters, let’s present ……………

Give your big hand.



Upps… your performance is not so good today. Why my friend?

You must understand that every student must prepare well before they present their speech. I know we have a lot of duties from school but we must also care with our duties from AEC because we just study here 6 months. So we must have well preparation. Do you understand my friends? Okay, you can come back to your seat.


Who is the next speech?….she/he is………….from group……….

My loving audience

We present…………

Give your big hand.



Wow… performance is good enough. Where do you study? How long have you been studying in AEC?

We hope the other students are able to perform well like your performance.


Are you boring my friends?

Don’t worry our friends will entertain us with singing. They will sing beautiful song from……..

O.K, we present ……….from group……………

We please………(name)

Give your big hand



Ouch….your voice is really beautiful like your face. It is like “Rossa” or “Pasha Ungu” or ……..(the other).


Are you happy audience?

I hope so because now we will pay attention to our friends argumentation in “English Debate”. For this program we will call the chair person “……………..”and the speaker of affirmative team are…………., ………, ………… (name). Then the speakers of negatives team are “………., …………, ………..(name0

Please welcome the speakers of English debate.

Give your big hand.



Well..well..well, that’s the performance of our friends in English debate today. What do you think about their performance, audience?

Is it good?….alright.

We hope that English debate will be better for the next meeting. Okay?

English debate is difficult enough so if we really want to give good opinion we must have large knowledge. That’s why we must always add our knowledge by reading, watching  TV, sharing with other friends, internet and many others… it right my friends?


So, now we come to the seventh program namely ”Correcting of our Meeting”. In this program our teacher will correct our mistakes that shouldn’t be repeated and our good performance that should be improved. And after correction will be continued to praying as the last program…..


And as Master of Ceremony if  I/we have mistakes to lead the program today we do hope your big apologize


And don’t forget that tomorrow must be better than today that’s why we must always practice our English everywhere. Okay?


The last we say




For the correction will be given by………..

To M.s



Give your big hand.