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Honorable, Mr. Imam as the……of….

Your Excellency, Mrs. as the teacher of …..

Respectable all assistants of AEC and all my loving brother and sisters


First of all, let’s thank to Allah SWT who always blesses all of us so we can meet together here in our beloved program “MEETING” in Al-Fattah English Course.

Secondly, Sholawat and Salam always be presented to our great Prophet Muhammad SAW who always guides us to the truth.

And I don’t forget to thank to all audience my beautiful and handsome friends of AEC who come to join in our regular meeting.

How are you today audience?

I/we do hope Allah will always give us health so we can attend in AEC for looking for knowledge especially in English. Do you agree with me my friends?

And of course I/we hope for the students who get duties especially for the speakers are ready today so you can give your best performance, okay?

My loving brother and sisters

Talking about English we/I want to ask you,

Do you like English?

Of course….you do. That’s why we study English here in our beloved course AEC Al Fattah English Course. Is it right my friends?

And let’s study hard and seriously. Let’s practice our English and let’s pray to Allah in order that we can be clever by studying in our beloved course AEC…

Will you do it my friends? Thank you.

Okay now we will read the program/agenda of our meeting today.

–          The first program is opening

–          It will be continued by reading Holy Qur’an

–          For the third program is singing MARS AEC TOGETHER

–          And “Speech Presentation” will be in the forth agenda

Ladies and gentlemen

After speech presentation our friends will entertain us with singing

And our friends will give their different argumentation in “English Debate” that will be in the sixth program.

For the seventh program is “CORRECTING OF OUR MEETING” and our meeting will be closed by praying.


Wow…we have a lot of programs today and before we continue to the next program, let’s open by reading Surah Al Fatihah may our meeting run well.

“Bi ridhoilahi Alfatihah….

Thank you very much.

May Allah accept our praying. Amin3x. Ya robbal alamin.


Well ladies and gentlemen

Let’s continue our program namely reading Holy QUr’an that will be read by our friend name…..


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome …………give your big hand.


Thank you so much for the best performance. May Allah bless all of us. Amin 3x. Ya robbal alamin.


Well my loving audience, let’s continue to the next program. What is it?

That’s right “Singing Mars AEC”. Well, let’s sing this song together with me/us, okay?



One …. Two…..three…..



Wow thanks for your beautiful voice singing beautiful song “MARS AEC”. Give your big hand for all AEC students….

It’s so great, isn’t it? Well it’s time to the forth program.

“Speech presentation” and for this program we would like to call the speakers one by one to present their speech….

Okay…for the first speech will be presented by…….

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome …….

Give your big hand…



Wow…you really give good performance today. I’m sure that you have prepared it before. Is it right?


Well my loving brothers and sisters, let’s continue to the second speech that will be presented by “……..”from group “………”

Please welcome “……………”

Give your big hand



He..he.. what’s up with you? Why do you give bad performance? Why don’t you memorize the text?

You must memorize it you know. So that you can give good performance to the audience…

Do you agree with me my friends…

Next time don’t repeat again, okay?


Well ladies and gentlemen, are you tired? Don’t be tired….we must always have good spirit to do so many positive activities like today because we are still young we need to study to get success….

Do you agree with me?


Okay now, we continue to the next speech that will be presented by ……………

My loving brothers and sisters, let’s present ……………

Give your big hand.



Upps… your performance is not so good today. Why my friend?

You must understand that every student must prepare well before they present their speech. I know we have a lot of duties from school but we must also care with our duties from AEC because we just study here 6 months. So we must have well preparation. Do you understand my friends? Okay, you can come back to your seat.


Who is the next speech?….she/he is………….from group……….

My loving audience

We present…………

Give your big hand.



Wow… performance is good enough. Where do you study? How long have you been studying in AEC?

We hope the other students are able to perform well like your performance.


Are you boring my friends?

Don’t worry our friends will entertain us with singing. They will sing beautiful song from……..

O.K, we present ……….from group……………

We please………(name)

Give your big hand



Ouch….your voice is really beautiful like your face. It is like “Rossa” or “Pasha Ungu” or ……..(the other).


Are you happy audience?

I hope so because now we will pay attention to our friends argumentation in “English Debate”. For this program we will call the chair person “……………..”and the speaker of affirmative team are…………., ………, ………… (name). Then the speakers of negatives team are “………., …………, ………..(name0

Please welcome the speakers of English debate.

Give your big hand.



Well..well..well, that’s the performance of our friends in English debate today. What do you think about their performance, audience?

Is it good?….alright.

We hope that English debate will be better for the next meeting. Okay?

English debate is difficult enough so if we really want to give good opinion we must have large knowledge. That’s why we must always add our knowledge by reading, watching  TV, sharing with other friends, internet and many others… it right my friends?


So, now we come to the seventh program namely ”Correcting of our Meeting”. In this program our teacher will correct our mistakes that shouldn’t be repeated and our good performance that should be improved. And after correction will be continued to praying as the last program…..


And as Master of Ceremony if  I/we have mistakes to lead the program today we do hope your big apologize


And don’t forget that tomorrow must be better than today that’s why we must always practice our English everywhere. Okay?


The last we say




For the correction will be given by………..

To M.s



Give your big hand.

Materi Meeting “Islam is Our Choice”



Your Excellency…


And all my loving brothers and sisters in Islam

In this good opportunity I would like to ask you

“What is your religion?”

“What do you choose Islam?”

“Do you just follow your parents in choosing religion?”


Today I’m going to talk about

“Islam is our choice”

but firstly let’s thank to Allah SWT who gives us blessing so we are still to be Moslem.

Secondly may sholawat and salam always be presented to Prophet Muhammad SAW who guides us to the true religion namely Islam Yes Islam.

The next “thank you very much” for the MC who gives me chance to speak before the audience.

Well my loving brothers and sisters.

Talking about religion is actually talking about belief which every people in this world must have certain belief to lead them live in this world, right?

My loving audience in Islam.

There are a lot of religions in this world that you can choose as your best belief. But we must consider before choosing which religion is the best one for our life. Because if we are wrong, we will be sad in the hell forever. Do you  want to go to the hell? Of course not.

My brothers and sisters,

Actually Allah SWT the owner of this universe has shown us in Al-qur’an.

That  Islam is actually the best and the right religion. Islam is the last religion of Allah. The followers are called Moslem. And my loving audience we must also know that Allah SWT has sent the greatest Messenger, Prophet Muhammad SAW , to teach and convey all people in this universe about “Islam”.

Ladies and Gentlemen my brothers and sisters.

Islam is not heredity religion, we choose Islam not because we follow our parents, family, neighbors or friend, right. But Islam is really the right world. Do you agree with me my friends? So what about you? Do you choose Islam because you follow your family?

Oh….no…I do hope all people here realize that we choose Islam because Islam is a rational religion that is suitable with development and modernity. Islam is also dynamic culture that is covering al aspects of human life.

My loving audience

Islam is also source of peace and salvation so it is very big mistake if people say that Islam is identical with terrorism. No, it is wrong, isn’t it? Because Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW dislikes with violence, war and terrorism.

My brothers and sisters

That’s all what I can say today. I do hope we will always bring our best religion “Islam” until we die and don’t forget to be good Moslem.

It’s like my song

(Lagu naik-naik ke puncak gunung)

Islam, Islam is true religion

Don’t forget to be good Moslem

Islam, Islam is best religion

Don’t try to disobey the rule

If we are Moslem

We must be sure

We must pray five times a day

If we are Moslem

We must be also

Doing other rukun Islam

Do you like my song?

Well, if I have mistake I do you big apologize and the last I say


created by : Mr. imam purnomo,S.Pd. and Mrs. Farida S.Pd.

Kegiatan AEC Out Bond di Public Garden Jombang

Kegiatan AEC out bond di Public Garden Jombang 1AEC (alfattah English Course mempersiakan kegiatan – kegiatan antara lain : Class meeting, Out door activity and out bond.

Class meeting

Kegiatan ini diadakan setiap 2 minggu sekali. kegiatan ini mengasah ketrampilan siswa dalam English Debate, English Speech Contest dan ketrampilan lain. kegiatan ini sangat membantu siswa dalam mempersiapkan untuk mengikuti even – even  baik di lokal maupun bersifat nasional.

manfaat kegiatan ini sangan besar dan menjadi tenaga pendukung dalam meraih prestai baik lokan maupun nasional . Dengan  kegiatan ini , siswa – siswa AEC telah mengukir prestasi yang sanggat membanggakan karena disamping sederet prestasi tingkat Daerah, prestasi tingkat propinsi juga disandang. .

Out door. 

memberi penyegaran balam belajar bahasa Inggris. Karena dengan cara ini pembelajaran bahasa Inggris di AEC lebih menarik ,Fun adan inovatif dimana pembelajaran seperti ini sesuai dengan model pembelajaran PAIKEM yaitu mode lpembelajaran aktif,inovatif, kreatif, dan menyenangkan.

Kegiatan AEC out bond di Public Garden Jombang 2Out bond.

kegiatan ini bemberi penekanan pada terbentuknya team building dan kekompakan group dimana akan membentuk kekompakan dalam belajar bahasa Inggris di AEC. disamping memberi penekanan pada team building kegiatan ini penuh denagan pembentukan Leader Ship yang akan berguna dalam menyongsong masa depan siswa.

Kegiatan meeting AEC pada awal tahun

Kegiatan meeting AEC pada awal tahun

Kegiatan meeting AEC pada awal tahunKegiatan Meeting ini merupakan kegiatan rutin AEC dalam rangka tahun baru yang selalu dilaksanakan di kebon rojo jombang. Tujuan kegiatan ini adalah untuk menggali potensi siswa AEC. Semua siswa wajib ikut pada kegiatan ini dan masing masing kelompok wajib menampilkan pertunjukkan dan mengikuti Mars AEC Contest.

Berikut lagu  mars AEC:


Composed by AEC students

Come on all my friends.

Come on all of you

Come on join AEC

Al Fattah English Course

Come on all my friends

Come on all of you

Come on join AEC

The exciting English Course

If you want to enrich your ability

If you want to enrich your knowledge

Of course ability and knowledge in English

There is no doubt to enroll your selves

Don’t worry about the payment

Cos it is the cheapest

Don’t be nervous or be sad

Cos the teachers are friendly

And we’re sure

That you will get many friends and knowledge

So don’t be down hearted

AEC Al fattah English Course

Is the course that never lies

AEC AI Fattah English Course

Is the course that never dies


Welcome to AEC…

Welcome…            welcome                welcome

Penerapan Pembelajaran Inpairs

Penerapan Pembelajaran Inpairs

Penerapan Pembelajaran Inpairs