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Materi Meeting “Islam is Our Choice”



Your Excellency…


And all my loving brothers and sisters in Islam

In this good opportunity I would like to ask you

“What is your religion?”

“What do you choose Islam?”

“Do you just follow your parents in choosing religion?”


Today I’m going to talk about

“Islam is our choice”

but firstly let’s thank to Allah SWT who gives us blessing so we are still to be Moslem.

Secondly may sholawat and salam always be presented to Prophet Muhammad SAW who guides us to the true religion namely Islam Yes Islam.

The next “thank you very much” for the MC who gives me chance to speak before the audience.

Well my loving brothers and sisters.

Talking about religion is actually talking about belief which every people in this world must have certain belief to lead them live in this world, right?

My loving audience in Islam.

There are a lot of religions in this world that you can choose as your best belief. But we must consider before choosing which religion is the best one for our life. Because if we are wrong, we will be sad in the hell forever. Do you  want to go to the hell? Of course not.

My brothers and sisters,

Actually Allah SWT the owner of this universe has shown us in Al-qur’an.

That  Islam is actually the best and the right religion. Islam is the last religion of Allah. The followers are called Moslem. And my loving audience we must also know that Allah SWT has sent the greatest Messenger, Prophet Muhammad SAW , to teach and convey all people in this universe about “Islam”.

Ladies and Gentlemen my brothers and sisters.

Islam is not heredity religion, we choose Islam not because we follow our parents, family, neighbors or friend, right. But Islam is really the right world. Do you agree with me my friends? So what about you? Do you choose Islam because you follow your family?

Oh….no…I do hope all people here realize that we choose Islam because Islam is a rational religion that is suitable with development and modernity. Islam is also dynamic culture that is covering al aspects of human life.

My loving audience

Islam is also source of peace and salvation so it is very big mistake if people say that Islam is identical with terrorism. No, it is wrong, isn’t it? Because Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW dislikes with violence, war and terrorism.

My brothers and sisters

That’s all what I can say today. I do hope we will always bring our best religion “Islam” until we die and don’t forget to be good Moslem.

It’s like my song

(Lagu naik-naik ke puncak gunung)

Islam, Islam is true religion

Don’t forget to be good Moslem

Islam, Islam is best religion

Don’t try to disobey the rule

If we are Moslem

We must be sure

We must pray five times a day

If we are Moslem

We must be also

Doing other rukun Islam

Do you like my song?

Well, if I have mistake I do you big apologize and the last I say


created by : Mr. imam purnomo,S.Pd. and Mrs. Farida S.Pd.