Your Excellency Mr. Imam Purnomo as the Director of AEC.

Honorable Mrs. Farida as the Instructor of AEC.

Respectable all assistants and teacher of AEC and all my loving brothers and sisters.


Firstly, let’s thank to Allah SWT who always protect us so we can meet together here in AEC our beloved course without any troubles and obstacles.


Sholawat and salam always be presented to our prophet Muhammad SAW who guides us to the truth.


Well, ladies and gentlemen

In this good opportunity I would like to talk about “How to Improve Your English”

Before it, I want to ask you.

Do you like English? Alright, what about your English, can you speak English fluently?

I hope so…

My brothers and sisters,

Learning English is easy but also difficult. How could it be?

It is easy if we really want to master English by studying hard, practicing our English, and also taking course like in AEC Al Fattah English Course.


But my loving audience

English is also difficult when we want to be clever in English, but we are lazy to do a lot of things that can support in mastering English. Is it right audience?

Well ladies and gentlemen my brothers and sisters

Due to mastering English I have some ways that can help you to be clever in English. Do you want to listen? Alright.

First, ladies and gentlemen

Read as much as possible any reading material books, magazines or newspaper like : Hello or Jakarta Post. This is done to improve your vocabulary and also deepen your understanding.


And the second my brothers and sisters. Try to speak English with your friends, your English teachers, your father, mother, your family or anyone suppose good at English. If you meet with tourists you can try to make conversation with them to practice your English.


May loving audience, the third way to improve English is “write something in English”. You can start by writing your daily life. You can also write letters or my be send SMS because now is modern era. Do you send SMS in English? That’s good. I hope so.


For the fourth way is watch TV or listen to the radio program broadcasting in English. You can also learn. English through singing like this song

“Every time in my dream

I see you I feel you

That is how I know you go on…

(bisa diganti dengan lagu Inggris lain)

Those ways are really able to help you in mastering English. Then I will ask you will you improve your English?


Well brothers and sisters, I have explained about some ways to improve our English.

I do hope after this we really want to improve our English with the ways. Please forgive me if I have mistake.

And the last I say


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