Materi Meeting “EDUCATION”


Your Excellency


And all my loving brothers and sisters

Ladies and Gentlemen


In this good opportunity I wanna ask you

Do you need education?

And why is education important for this life?

Alright audience.

Today I’m going to deliver my speech on the subject of


Before it…

Let’s together thanks to Allah SWT our wonderful God who gives us power so that we can still look for knowledge everywhere.


Sholawat and salam always be presented to our Prophet Muhammad SAW the last Messenger of Allah.


I also thank to the MC who gives me chance to speak before the audience.


My brother and sisters….

As we know that life is always changes together with the development of technology. And today we are in modern era in which every thing is really different with the past.


Knowing the fact ladies and gentlemen, of course we need a tool to make people become clever, know and understand, what is it my loving audience? Right…it is education.


Ladies and Gentlemen

Education is very important in our life. Primarily education that we get from parents are called non formal education. It is actually the basic of education because we learn moral and socialization from parents. So parents play important role in this education.


My loving brothers and sister. To make people become clever, know and understand about science, social, language, art, culture, mathematic, accounting and many other knowledge, they must attend to school to get formal education. It is obligation for every people to get this education. In our country, Indonesia , there are basic level education, it is for kindergarten, elementary school and SMP, then middle level education is SMA. The last is high level education is for university or academic.


Ladies and Gentlemen

To get more knowledge and skill to make people cleverer, they may attend to course like computer course, English course like our beloved course AEC, sewing course, and many others. We call this one is non formal education. What about you? Do you also take non formal education?

My brothers and sisters Ladies and Gentlemen

Now I wanna ask you, have you take 3 education I mention above?

I hope so, because we must realize that it is obligation for every Moslem to look for knowledge. It is like stated in Al Hadist


My brother and sisters

If we have a lot of knowledge, we will be clever, we will not be easy to be cheated by other people. And other people will not underestimate us. Besides, we will become success person. Then as a result of course, my brothers and sisters, Indonesia will not be left behind from other countries and Indonesia will become progress and great country for the future.

So do you want to get good education.


My brothers and Sisters

That’s all what I can say today about education. I do hope all Indonesia people always want to study to get success for the future. I do your big apologize if I have mistake. The last I say


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