Materi Meeting “GLOBAL WARMING”



Your Excellency

And all my beautiful and handsome audience

First of all, let’s thank to Allah SWT who always protect and save us from danger so we still can breath and see this beautiful world.


Secondly may sholawat and salam always be presented to our prophet Muhammad SAW who guide us to the truth.


I also thank to the MC who gives me chance to speak before the audience about



Ladies and Gentlemen ;

“Ladies and Gentlemen” I’m sure almost everybody knows about global warming, don’t they?

Global warming happens because of human doing.

We know that pollutions happen everywhere. They spread emission gas called carbon and carbon dioxide and of course my brother and sister. It can increase the temperature of earth. Year by year it collects not only in atmosphere but also in our environment. And the result wow…of course. It can make temperature becomes hot.


Because of this ladies and gentlemen;

The ice in north pole melts and increases the volume of sea water. Ouch….

It is very dangerous if sea water increase and increase



My brothers and sisters blessed by Allah

First is flood will happen everywhere

Second the change of weather can’t be predicted. Of course it can influence the crops of farming. In this case people will be difficult to get foods and good nutrition. It is right ladies and gentlemen.

The third is the increase of disease like dysentery, malaria and many others. Because at high temperature the insects can grow well.

Wow…it’s very frightening, isn’t it?


So my loving audience

What should we do now?

Well, the first is “we must do reforestation”. At least we plant tree around our houses, schools and village. Then do not try to cut the trees. Because the trees are the observer of carbon dioxide. The second my brothers and sisters, we must reduce using motor, vehicles and limit factories. And the third is ladies and gentlemen, the government must also pay attention to some factories by giving certain rule to reduce the waste of pollution from industries


Ladies and gentlemen;

Anyhow, as human life we must try to be good people in this life. Allah says in Al-qur’an.


Ladies and Gentlemen

That what I can say about global warming. I do hope we can together stop global warming. Do not make our world become hot again like my song.

“Our world now is hot, so hot, very hot so do not make it hotter hotter hotter….let’s safe our world from global warming. Don’t’ destroy this earth. (lagunya Gigi panas 2x)

Remember my beautiful song

And the last I say


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