Materi Meeting “LOVE”



Your Excellency…..

My loving brothers and sisters

Ladies and Gentlemen:.


Well audience “do you love me” or “do I love you?


Wow.. it’s interesting question, isn’t it?

Okay, today I would like to talk about “LOVE”

But before it.

Let’s thank to Allah SWT who always love us, so that we also have “love” to others.


Sholawat and salam always be presented to our Prophet Muhammad SAW the Last Messenger of Allah.

I don’t forget to thank to beautiful/handsome MC who gives me chance to speak before the audience.

My loving audience.

Do you know what is the meaning of love? So many people know what love is but may be just a few people understand about “love”. Is it right, audience? Al Hadist said.


It means that we must love others if we want to be loved by others.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Love is actually the fundamental of our everyday life. Our activities are colored with love. It means that all we do in our life must be based on love. Because without love, we will argue, fight and do other bad things forbidden by our religion. Besides with love, we are motivated to do a lot of things like : praying, it is our love to Allah, studying-it is our love to our future, doing what our parents ask it is our love to our parents, paying attention to our friends-it is our love to our friend, respecting our teachers-it is our love to our teachers and there are still many other things that should be done with “love”.


My loving brothers and sisters

I wanna ask you, do you have boyfriend or girlfriend that you love much?


“Love” in this case is may be different, why?

Because this love has different feeling with others.

This feeling can make use happy and sad as well…this love really has great power that can make us nervous, trembling, anxious, delight when we meet someone we love. Is it true my friends?


And my loving audience

We must be careful if it comes to us. May be it is not but it is just the feeling of “like” or “admire”. If so, we are actually trapped in “puppy love”.

So my friends, We must be really careful if we fall in love. What about you? Did you ever fall in love?


I do hope to you all

It’s better as good students and young generations that we must study hard and look for a lot of knowledge for our future first than thinking about “love”.


Do you agree with me my friends? So that our parents are proud of us and we will be useful person for others.

That’s all what I can say today. Please forgive me I f I have mistakes. Before it, I will give my beautiful song.



Lagunya Opick “Bersyukur”

Reff. Alhamdulillah


We are still young

We may not be dating

If we date

We will forget study


It is nice song, isn’t it?

The last I say


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