Materi Meeting “TELEVISION”


Your Excellency


And all my loving brothers and sisters

Ladies and Gentlemen:


In this golden chance I wanna ask you

“Do you know television?”

I’m sure all people know what television is

Well today I’m going to talk about television. But before it, let’s thank to Allah SWT who gives us great blessing so we can gather here to follow meeting in Al Fattah English Course.


Then Sholawat and Salam always be presented to our Prophet Muhammad SAW the Last Messenger of Allah. I also want to thank to the MC who gives me time to speak before the audience.


My brothers, sister Ladies and Gentlemen

“Television” that’s what I want to speak about…… audio visual electronic media that can be enjoyed by every people. When we watch television, I’m sure we enjoy it happily, annoyed, sadly and some other feeling, is it right audience?

Recently, we can see. There are a lot of television stations offer so many varieties programs. Of course it also gives effect in our life, good as well as bad effect.


Ladies and Gentlemen

Do you know the good effect of watching television alright.

The first is by watching TV we can get a lot of information, current news, and knowledge.

The second my loving audience

We can also take example of how to give opinion, how to debate, how to make decision, how to perform in front of public and many others.

The third good effect ladies and gentlemen we also get entertainment and fun. We are fun when the program can refresh our mind like jokes, songs, funny quiz, adventures etc


My brothers and sisters

What about the bad impact of watching TV?

The first is that we are often lazy to do other things. We just want to know how the next story is. This happen the program is like sinetron, series film or others. The second my loving audience. People tend to follow and take example from what they watch especially students like fighting, arguing, dating, kissing, little porn action and many others.

For the third Ladies and Gentlemen

By watching television too much can destroy our eyes and it is also waste of our useful time that actually can be used to do other positive activities.

My brothers and sisters

So, what should to do to avoid the bad effect of watching television? Alright.

First, parents must be able to guide and control their children in choosing suitable program for them.

Secondly, the television stations must also take part in selecting the programs broadcasting on television.

The third, our government has important role in giving certain rule in broadcasting the program. There should be certain foundation to control the station.


Ladies and Gentlemen

I have tried to explain about television as young generation we must be clever to choose good programs on TV that can help us to be good person. It’s like my song “Lagu ST 12 Terakhir


When we are watching television

We must be clever to select

Good program for our family

Coz not all programs giving

Good example….


That’s all what I can deliver today.

I do your big apologize if I have mistake and the last I say…..


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