Your Excellency….

Honorable …..

My loving brothers and sister, Ladies and Gentlemen


Before I deliver my beautiful speech I wanna ask you

“Do you speak English?”


“Why do you study English?”


What about this question

“Do you like studying English in AEC?

Of course we do.


Okay audience today I wanna talk about “The importance of English” but firstly let’s thank to Allah SWT who gives us knowledge so, we can be clever people.


May sholawat and salam always be presented to our great Prophet Muhammad SAW who guides us to the truth.


I don’t forget to thank to the MC who gives me chance to speak before the audience.


My loving brothers and sisters ladies and gentlemen.

We know that English is an international language unites all people around the world. If we want to go abroad in America, Singapore, Australia, Europe, England, Arabic or anywhere, one thing that we must have beside “Money” and “passport” is the activity in speaking English to communication with the people from the country. English yes English.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

We can find English almost everywhere at banks, school, harbor, airports, tourism resorts and many other places around us. English is, my loving audience, not only a subject that must we learnt. To get good score in test, or final examination or UNAS but English is also necessity for us. So many people still think that English is not very important. But my brothers and sister let’s be wise. We have to open our mind and realize that we live in globalization era. There are a lot of technologies in our life like computer, hand phone, television, internet, high tech machine and the other sophisticated technologies are settled by using English.


Ladies and Gentlemen

If we want to use them of course we must understand the language, right? English is also a skill to improve our self to help us to find a job easier. Because the ability of English makes us have a “plus skill”

Then my brothers and sisters to improve this beautiful country “Indonesia” better and better, we need “self discipline,” Large countries, good behaviors and the ability in globalization and one of the ways to walk in globalization is “the ability in globalization is the ability to speak English. Can you imagine what will happen if the people of this country can’t speak English?

Wow…..of course we can’t communicate, cooperate with other countries. We will be left behind from others. That’s why ladies and gentlemen. We must start from ourselves to study. English harder than before.

Do not just keep silent. Let’s move, let’s improve ourselves. Let’s study and practice our English in order to be good generation for future. Do you agree with me, audience?



Ladies and Gentlemen

That’s all what I can say today. I do hope all AEC students always practice English everywhere, everywhere like my song “ (Lagu hijau daun: Suara)

English is very important

We must learn and practice it

We need to be able to speak English

For the sake of our country………Indonesia”


Please forgive me if I have mistakes. Don’t forget to invite our friends to study in our beloved course “AEC”

The last I say…..



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