Your Excellency


And all my loving ladies and gentlemen


In this golden opportunity I wanna ask you “Do you know science?

What about religion, do you also know it?

And then do we need both of science and religion in our life?

All right. To day I’m going to deliver my speech about

“The importance of Science and Religion”

but…first of all, let’s thank to Allah SWT who gives us his blessing so we meet together here in very good situation and condition.

Secondly May sholawat and salam always be presented to our prophet Muhammad SAW who guides us to the truth.

I don’t forget to thank to the MC for this good chance to speech before the audience…

My brothers and sisters

Basically all people live in this world need science and religion to support their life to live happily.

My brothers

Science is actually knowledge that we get from school, reading books, newspaper, computer, internet, sharing with other people and many others like mathematic, biology, chemistry, physic, social, history, geography etc. while ladies and gentlemen religion is fundament of education that must be learnt and done by every people. With religion, people will find happiness and satisfaction living in this world and hereafter.



Ladies and Gentlemen

“Wise word” said that “life is a choice” it’s right, isn’t it? But we must understand that looking for science and religion is not choice. But it is obligation.


My loving brothers

100% we must realize that now we live in modern and technology era where so many things are complicated and need to be learnt if we do not want left behind from others. We must always look for science to avoid stupidity. Our God Allah SWT really dislikes with stupid people who do not want to do better and better things in this life. That’s why we must look for science in order to make progress and develop our country Indonesia.


My brothers and Sisters

Beside learning science, we must also learn “Religion”, and this one is the most important subject that people must learn before the others. This cannot be ignored because every people need a guide to lead them to be good people and what is it ladies and gentlemen? Yes right. It’s religion.


My loving audience blessed by Allah so it’s very important to study and practice both science and religion.

Our life will have no meaning without science and religion. Wise word said “science without religion is blind and religion without science is lame”. It is like stated in al hadist


My brothers and sisters

That’s all what I can say today about the importance of science and religion. I do hope all AEC students learn both of them seriously. Do you agree with me? And if I have mistake in my speech I do you big apologize. Before I close my speech, I wanna sing for you all.

(Lagu 11 Januari, “Gigi”)

If we want to be clever, we must look for science

If we want to get happy, we are obliged looking for religion.


Do you like my song? I hope so. Well the last I can say…


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