Your Excellency


And all my loving brothers and sisters in Islam


I wanna ask you

“Do you love your parents?”

What about your parents?

“Do they love you”

In this evening I’m going to talk about “The Obligation of Children to Their Parents”

Do you want to hear it?

Before it.

Let’s thank to Allah SWT who gives us health so we can meet together in this lovely meeting sholawat and salam always be presented to our Prophet Muhammad SAW the last Messenger of Allah.


I also say “Thanks so much” for the MC who gives me opportunity to speak before the audience…


My brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen

What is the meaning of obligation?


Obligation is something that must be done by everyone. They will get sin if they don’t do it.

Here I wanna talk about what must children do to their parents



My brothers and sisters

We know that parents really have great role in our life. Father earns much money to support the family. It is for daily need, school fee, course, tax, telephone, pulse, clothes and many others.

Fathers work hard to get the money. They do it because they love family so much, working from morning until afternoon. Something until night. Is it right my friend?

While mothers, my loving audience. They also have great role. They bear babies, take care, educate the children, do a lot of house works and many others. They do love their children. It seems that mothers love their children more than themselves. My brothers I think it is so difficult to describe how great our parents sacrifice to their children.

Is it true audience?


Well…knowing the fact ladies and Gentlemen

We must really realize that we must obey and respect our parent. We may not forget their sacrifice to use. We must understand that Allah SWT ask us to be kind to our parents. It is like this Surah.




The Surah shows us that we must believe well to our parents. We must know that it’s impossible for children to do the same thing like. What parents do to us. They really rake of us well.


My loving audience

Let’s hope and pray that we will never become lazy, naughty, cruel children to our parents forever.

Let’s hope and pray we will become good children to our parents.

Do you agree with me?

It is like my song

(Lagu disini senang disana senang)


How are you father

How are you mother

I always hope that god will bless you

I love you father

I love you mother

I always need you forever

La la la I love father

La la la I love mother

La la la I need father and also mother 2x

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